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Indonesian Cultural Day 2017


Indonesian Students Association in Glasgow presents: Indonesian Cultural Day

The annual cultural event in Glasgow aim
ed to introduce Indonesian culture and heritage through a musical drama.

The Indonesian Students Association in Glasgow will be organising a cultural event at the University of Strathclyde on the 20th of May at 11 am. The event, named “Indonesian Cultural Day”, is an annual cultural event brought by Indonesian students who are residing in Glasgow, Stirling, Dundee, and St. Andrews. This year, the Indonesian students will be performing a musical drama in collaboration with Opera Bamba and Gamelan Naga Mas. The musical drama will be showing the play of Indonesian folklore, “Bawang Merah dan Bawang Putih” (in English: Shallot and Garlic). It is a well-known Indonesian folklore which has a resemblance to the Western folklore of “One-Eye, Two-Eyes, Three-Eyes” and “Three Little Men”.

The event includes the two-hours play of musical drama with a special performance from Jasmine Munns (Opera Bamba) and choir arranged by Wilson Chu (Royal Conservatoire Scotland). There will be traditional dances performed such as Jaipong (from West Java), Saman (from Aceh), Kecak (from Bali), and Silat (the traditional martial arts). The various dances performed will take audiences to feel the diverse Indonesian culture which spreads from east to west. In addition, audiences will also have the chance to taste Indonesian foods which included in the event ticket. There are 200 seats available for this event.

About Indonesian Students Association in Glasgow and Indonesian Cultural Day
The Indonesian Students Association in Glasgow (PPI Greater Glasgow) is an integrated community-based association which organises academics and extracurricular activities for Indonesian students in Glasgow, Dundee, Stirling, and St. Andrews. The Indonesian Students Association does not only focus on Indonesian students but also Indonesian culture. Indonesian students are the nation’s representative abroad. It is also responsible for introducing and promoting the culture of Indonesia. Indonesian Cultural Day is an event that mainly to introduce and promote the diverse culture of Indonesia. The event brings a chance for people in Scotland to see and experience culture from the other part of the world.  

The event details are as follows:
Time: Saturday, 20 May 2017 at 11 pm
Venue: Vertigo Room 8th floor, University of Strathclyde Student Association, 90 John Street, Glasgow, G1 1JH
Ticket price is £7 for musical drama and Indonesian foods. It can be bought through https://goo.gl/uH4nPe
Website: www.ppiglasgow.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ppigglasgow
Instagram: PPI Greater Glasgow